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In branding, design is king. It’s revered, romanced, reviewed, and rewarded. But great writing is an essential - yet often overlooked - ingredient in building brands. The Subtext is here to give copywriting an equal seat at the table. To give writers a space to showcase the work that goes into some of the best brands; to provide a rich resource library where they can find even more tools to succeed; and to create a community where writers can convene and connect.

If you build it, they will come. 

Carissa Justice, a copywriter and creative studio owner with over a decade in the industry, founded The Subtext.  After dozens of discussions with fellow writers who emphatically agreed there’s a lack of resources and recognition within the industry, Carissa saw an opportunity to build something meaningful for the community she knows and loves. A destination for writers to not only see and be seen, but to elevate the craft of copywriting industry wide. 

Started by one, powered by many. 

The Subtext relies on submissions from writers across the creative spectrum – from brand writers to content designers to advertising copywriters. We want to hear about your process, see your latest work, talk about your pains or pleasures within the industry and so much more. We’ve been blown away by the initial response from the writing community and have already called on the support of many incredible writers to get The Subtext made and out into the world. Writers are famously self-critical and hesitant to showcase their work, but now is the time to break that cycle. Start submitting current or past work and let people into the rich and vibrant world of brand storytelling. 

Day 1 shoutouts.

  • Marlena Ryan for crafting the first verbal identity feature and guideline and for countless other contributions.
  • Liza Dunning for naming The Subtext and her incredible wisdom. 
  • Pam Henman for her marketing efforts and well of great ideas.

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